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Ship-2-Shore is
in compliance
with ISO 900
1:2000 standards
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Canadian Food Inspection Agency Approval of Ship-2-Shore-Industrial & Ship-2-Shore-PLID for use in food processing facilities. FEB 2007

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Ship-2-Shore PLID
PLID PENETRANT Extra Ordinaire
LUBRICANT Extreme Pressure
DILECTRIC 38,000 Volts


% non volatile (by weight)   88%
Boiling Point   >212 deg. F
Vapor Pressure (mmHg. @ 25deg. F)   8mmHg
Vapor Density (air=1)   >1
Solubility in Water   Slightly Emulsifiable
Evaporation rate (Butyl Acetate = 1 )   <1
Specific Gravity (Water = 1)   0.868
Flash Point   260deg F (COC)
Flammable Limits (Solvent component)   LEL:1.0 UEL: 6.0
Dielectric   >38,000v
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Carcinogenic as listed by ACGHI, IARC Monographs or OSHA
  • PLID (Aerosol) has proven to be a very excellent penetrant, cutting through rust and corrosion quickly.
  • Excellent as a general purpose shop penetrant, extreme pressure lubricant and rust inhibitor.
  • PLID prevents oxidation and rust on electrical connections and in electronic devices. Also it is used as a good cleaner.
  • Mechanics and technicians in some of the largest company shops in Canada use PLID and tell us it is the best they have found.
  • PLID BULK The same as the aerosol but a little thicker, not as fast a penetrant but longer lasting in all categories.
  • PLID and INDUSTRIAL used together will provide long term, economical protection for the largest of structures. Maintaining structural integrity puts money in your pocket.
  • PLID applied to deep seams and crevices will penetrate, stopping the rusting process. It is 100% "Guaranteed" or your money refunded.
  • An application of INDUSTRIAL will ensure long term performance.
  • These products are very versatile and applications seem only limited by our imagination.
  • See the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Mobile Crane Ship-2-Shore is an excellent cable dressing which will greatly extend cable life, particularly in corrosive environments.
Truck Fleet Whether it is a company fleet, or just the family car, Ship-2-Shore will reduce vehicle operating costs. It protects from road salt and will stop rust and corrosion on older vehicles.

Steel Vessel Bilge's Winches Motor Vehicles Coffee Grinders
Standard Rigging Electrical Electronics Electrical Panels
Cable Dressing Tools Penetrant Fishing Reels
Computers Phones Teleflex Cables Extreme Pressure Lubrication

  • Very low fire hazard (bulk).

  • Aerosol uses non-ozone depleting propellant
    (Aerosol propellant is flammable).

  • Not effected by most other chemicals
    (Exceptions - Chlorine and other oxidizing agents).

  • Compatible with most other materials.

PLID is an excellent penetrant which will loosen frozen bolts and keep fastenings from rusting solid.

Simply the Best Fluid Thin Film Coatings

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name variations: ship-2-shore ~ ship 2 shore ~ ship-to-shore ~ ship to shore liquid corrosion control and rust prevention systems ~ lccs
Liquid Corrosion Control Systems (formerly